Metropolitan Technological University

The Metropolitan Technological University (UTEM) is one of the sixteen state universities in Chile and carries out its academic work in the Metropolitan Region. In its 21 years, it has provided more than 25,000 new professionals required by the country and annually meets the academic expectations of 6,400 young people seeking a profession to perform in the workplace.

The academic offer is wide and varied, and ranges from technical training to postgraduate studies. Its campuses are three; They are located in the communes of Ñuñoa, Providencia and Santiago and are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to contribute both to the learning of their students and to create, cultivate and transmit knowledge. Its faculties are five and have a scientific, professional and technical nature, presenting a preferential approach to technological work.

The educational model of the UTEM seeks that its graduates acquire the knowledge required by the labor market, update them and cultivate self-learning. The Metropolitan Technological University is accredited for three years in Institutional Management, Undergraduate Teaching and Connection with the Environment. Its hallmarks are sustainability, social responsibility and technology transfer, aspects that it enhances by signing collaboration programs with municipalities and schools, and participating in cultural and recreational instances.

  • Eighteen 161, Santiago
  • Phone: (56) 22 787 7500