Federico Santa María Technical University

The Federico Santa María Technical University is a leading campus in Engineering, Science and Technology, thanks to its high quality standards in teaching, research and extension. About 19 thousand students study at the University Technician, Engineering, Master and Doctorate levels, thus covering all the training and improvement needs imposed by a competitive and specialized world. It is a non-profit institution, which strengthens its international presence through agreements with schools in numerous countries. It is integrated into the national and regional reality.

Its Headquarters is in Valparaíso, it has two campuses in Santiago and offices in Viña del Mar and Concepción. It is characterized by being a supportive institution, linked to the community, which seeks to develop social responsibility, entrepreneurship and respect for the environment.

It believes in the capacities of young people and seeks to foster in them professional skills, creativity and the ability to find solutions to problems. The future is in entrepreneurship and innovation, and that is why it prepares its students from their earliest years in "learning by doing", so that they see an opportunity in the slightest idea and carry it forward with decision, audacity and conviction. The Federico Santa María Technical University owes its origin to Don Federico Santa María Carrera, who wanted to provide his hometown –Valparaíso– with a study house that would allow the deserving underdog to reach the “highest degree of human knowledge”. For this he bequeathed a large part of his fortune to this institution founded on December 20, 1931.

  • Av. España 1680, Valparaíso
  • Telephone: (56-32) 262 9188
  • www.utfsm.cl