Metropolitan University of Education Sciences

The Metropolitan University of Education Sciences (UMCE) is an institution of public, state and autonomous higher education, whose field of attention is teaching, research and the extension of disciplines related to education and culture.

Its mission is to train, in a preferential way, educators for all levels and areas of the educational system, in their initial and continuous professionalization, incorporating new interdisciplinary knowledge that contributes both to an inclusive training, and to the national culture in a reciprocal relationship and permanent with its surroundings. In this line, it directs its work towards consolidation as a significant reference for excellence in teacher training and the formulation of public policies in Education.

This University offers all the specialties of undergraduate teacher training, destined to serve the needs of the national education system, also including the health area.

Its postgraduate and continuing education programs are aimed at strengthening, perfecting and updating the teaching profession within a framework of permanent commitment to the quality of educational service. The Metropolitan University of Education Sciences is the historical heir to the more than 125 years of tradition in the training of teachers of the Pedagogical Institute of Chile (1889), which over the years was converted into the Faculty of Education of the University of Chile , and that in 1981 it gave life to the Higher Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Santiago, a cycle that ended on September 4, 1985 with the creation of the UMCE, "The Pedagogical University of Chile."

  • Av. José Pedro Alessandri 774, Santiago
  • Phone: (56) 22241 2400