Diego Portales University

Founded in 1982 as a continuation of the work carried out by the IPEVE Professional Institute since 1963, it began its academic activities the following year with three faculties: Law, Sciences and Human Sciences. In 1989 he created two others: Communication and Information and Engineering Sciences.

It obtained the full autonomy granted by the State in 1993, which meant complete freedom to present the academic offer that it deemed pertinent and "grant all kinds of degrees and academic degrees independently." The following year, the Baccalaureate Academic Program was born and in 1995 the Advertising and Design careers began to operate.

In 1999 the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts was created, made up of the Schools of Architecture and Design; as well as the Faculty of Humanities, with the Baccalaureate and Comprehensive Training programs as part of it.

Its greatest growth was in 2002, when the number of careers taught increased by almost 70 % with the creation of 17 new ones: Multimedia Communication; Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Technology, Nursing (which became the new Faculty of Health Sciences); Sociology, Political Science, History (Faculty of Social Sciences and History); Literature (in the Faculty of Communication and Letters); Basic Education, Early Childhood Education (joining, together with Psychology, the Faculty of Human Sciences and Education); Civil Engineering in Civil Works, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Telecommunications, Engineering in Statistics, Engineering in Construction and Execution Engineering in Telecommunications (Faculty of Engineering).

  • Manuel Rodríguez Sur 415, Santiago
  • Phone: (56) 22676 2000
  • www.udp.cl