Bio Bio University

With headquarters in Concepción and Chillán, the Universidad del Bío-Bío is heir to the oldest tradition of state and public higher education in the Biobío Region. Forged under the values of excellence, freedom, responsibility and pluralism, its mission is to train quality professionals, promote the generation of advanced knowledge, contribute to the harmonious and sustainable development of the Region and develop a modern and efficient academic and administrative management.

It has an infrastructure located in open spaces and the support of modern technologies for the teaching and cultivation of knowledge in the fields of knowledge that cover its six faculties: Architecture, Construction and Design, Sciences, Engineering, Business Sciences, Health Sciences and of Food, and Education and Humanities. Its enrollment exceeds ten thousand students, who are guided by mostly postgraduate teachers. This, added to the successful and pioneering programs of leveling, insertion and student permanence, allows to give life to an educational model centered on the student and based on excellence, social responsibility and respect for diversity.

Students learn and strengthen their potential with complementary training experiences that enrich their skills and social context. In this framework, the University encourages teacher and student exchange with other Chilean and foreign higher education institutions and research centers.

The Universidad del Bío-Bío is distinguished by its commitment to the Region and the country, collaborating with local and national productive activity and supporting harmonious and sustainable regional and national development, through research and technology transfer. Likewise, it disseminates the scientific, artistic and cultural creation generated in the University and its surroundings and offers postgraduate programs and programs for updating and deepening knowledge for professionals.