University of Tarapacá

The University of Tarapacá carries out its academic work in the Arica and Parinacota Region and the Tarapacá Region.

As part of its strategic role, it is committed to academic merit, the generation of social mobility and the preservation and cultivation of an ancient cultural heritage, together with academic integration with Peru and Bolivia. Its essential task is the training of professionals capable of successfully entering the labor market and contributing to the development of society.

This Institution, by history, tradition, identity, conviction and option is the university of the new Region of Arica and Parinacota with its heritage and ancestral culture, assuming the challenge of training the best professionals that are needed for development and collective well-being. , both from this region and the country. The location of the University, with its central headquarters in Arica, gives it a privileged strategic position due to its role as University of the State of Chile in the biforder zone with Peru and Bolivia, which has assigned it an important role in the integration processes. with these countries.

The University, which maintains links with Asia Pacific and Europe through cooperation agreements and common management projects, occupies a prominent place among the national universities with the largest number of academics with postgraduate studies, which is reflected in an excellent index in academic productivity, in addition to financial solvency and institutional solidity, which positions it within a select group of universities nationwide.

  • Av. General Velásquez 1775, Arica
  • Phone: (56-58) 220 5100