University of Santiago, Chile

The University of Santiago de Chile is a state and public institution whose origin was the School of Arts and Crafts, founded in 1849 by President Manuel Bulnes. Since then, this institution of higher education has made important contributions to the progress of the country.

Today, the University considers it a priority to assume an active and central role in the development of the country, from an institutional and academic context that favors social mobility and seeks to achieve the highest quality standards in its creation, preservation, dissemination and application of knowledge. The core values that define the actions of the University and unite it as a community are: excellence, respect for people, freedom of thought and expression, diversity, pluralism, cooperation, inclusion and social responsibility, orientation to future generations, transparency and probity. Through the exercise of these values, the University aspires to contribute significantly to the development of the country through teaching, research, extension and its vocation of service to society.

Based on this institutional ethos, the University of Santiago is projected as a house of studies that trains highly competent professionals, in virtuous interaction with the national and international environment, entrepreneurs and innovators in adverse environments and committed to overcoming social inequalities and economical.

  • Av. Alameda 3363, Santiago
  • Phone: (56) 22 718 0000