O'Higgins University

The University of O'Higgins is a state higher education institution, which assumes with a vocation of excellence the training of people with a view to their spiritual and material development, and the preferential contribution to the cultural, material and social development of the General Liberator Region. Bernardo O'Higgins, as a fundamental part of his mission. The University of O'Higgins is a state higher education institution, created by law in 2015 and whose first enrollment of students is expected in March 2017.

The fundamental pillars of our university work are multidisciplinary teaching, scientific research of excellence and strong links with the regional, national and international environment.

The highest collegiate authority of the University is the Superior Council, in charge of guiding its work. In addition, the institution will have an Academic Council responsible for adopting agreements and making recommendations to the Rector and the Superior Council. Other higher bodies of the institution will be the Full Senate, the Regional Advisory Council and the International Advisory Council.

Regarding academic aspects, the University organizes its activity through two types of units: undergraduate and graduate schools and research institutes.

  • House of Culture, Av. Cachapoal s / n corner Millán, Rancagua
  • Telephone: (56) 72 222 255 40
  • www.uoh.cl