University of the Lakes

The University of Los Lagos is in a solid institutional situation, with an exhaustive dedication to the areas of teaching, research, links with the environment, production, management and services, which are some of its main axes as an organization.

The house of studies has as a priority to deliver a professional training according to the quality standards in force in modern society, and, together with this, it has an infrastructure equipped with avant-garde technology and a university environment that encourages the integral growth of each student. and the university community in general. Its strategic points are Osorno, Puerto Montt and Santiago, where it operates as a campus, including heritage buildings that it has rescued to reconvert to the educational function in each of the aforementioned cities, in addition to Chiloé, where it operates as PMI, seat in the cities of Castro and Ancud.

The University of Los Lagos is at a very good level in applied research at the national level, leads university sports in a wide variety of competitive and recreational disciplines, and offers an attractive range of careers of local and regional relevance, not only in the area of undergraduate, but also in training for workers, technical careers and postgraduate.

The University of Los Lagos is a state, autonomous and regional institution that has served the community since August 30, 1993, when it was created by law 19,238, under the government of the President of the Republic Patricio Aylwin Azócar. However, and despite the youth of its current nomination, this house of studies has a long history, as heir to the Osorno Headquarters of the University of Chile and the Technical University of the State in Puerto Montt.

  • Av. Fuchslocher 1305, Osorno
  • Telephone: (56-64) 2333 000