University of Chile

The history of the University of Chile is present in every corner of the country. Founded in 1842, the creation of our House of Studies became one of the most significant milestones of the nascent Republic and has been a fundamental pillar in the construction of the Nation. Here Chile is thought and built, and the social transformations and public policies that have marked the life of the Chilean State have been generated.

This Institution contributes to the country in the various areas of knowledge. Its 14 faculties, 4 Institutes, High School Academic Program, Clinical Hospital, Manuel de Salas Experimental Lyceum and the Institute of Secondary Studies are a fundamental part of the scientific, artistic and intellectual development of Chile.

Its cultural institutions are made up of the most experienced artistic bodies such as the Symphonic Orchestra of Chile, the National Theater, the Chilean National Ballet, the Choir, theater and visual arts rooms, the Andrés Bello Archive, seven museums, among which which highlights the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of American Popular Art.

172 years building the history of Chile, place it as the leading Institution in research and academic excellence. This is confirmed by the 2014 SCIMAGO Ranking, which places it as No. 1 in Chile and No. 10 in Latin America. And the ranking of the Jiao Tong University of Shanghai, where the House of Bello appears within the 500 best in the world.

This excellence has gone hand in hand with the promotion of unwavering values: freedom of thought and expression, pluralism, tolerance and respect for diversity. Principles that characterize the entire university community, made up of students, academics, officials and graduates, who, driven by a strong social commitment, have contributed from their different settings to the development of Chile.

  • Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 1058, Santiago
  • Phone: (56) 22978 2000