Atacama University

Founded on October 26, 1981, the University of Atacama (UDA), was born as an autonomous public law corporation, dedicated to the teaching and superior cultivation of the arts, letters and sciences, whose mission is to carry out a relevant contribution to the development of the Atacama Region and the country, through the training of highly competent and socially responsible professionals; and carrying out research, consulting and training tasks, in close collaboration with the community, companies and institutions of the region, in order to generate new initiatives that contribute to its development.

In his vision, the University seeks to be recognized and socially valued for its contribution to the development of the Atacama Region and from there to the rest of the country, for the quality of the graduated professionals, the diversity of its educational offer at different levels of training, and the contribution to the social and productive sector through the management of research and development projects.

Today the UDA has a Headquarters in Vallenar, a Cultural Development Center in the Caldera commune, a Mineralogical Museum, a University Radio, a Scientific and Technological Research Institute (IDICTEC), as well as the Regional Center for Sustainable Research and Development of Atacama (CRIDESAT). Its Central House is located in the city of Copiapó. In addition to the faculties of Engineering, Humanities and Education, Legal and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Health Sciences, the University has a Technological Institute and a Technical Training Center for the training of higher-level technicians in mining areas. , in addition to a non-profit foundation, supporter of the Professional Technical School, one of the high schools with the greatest tradition and excellence in the Atacama Region.

  • Copayapu 485, Copiapo
  • Telephone: (56-52) 2206 502