University of Antofagasta

The University of Antofagasta is located in the extreme north of Chile, in a region within the Atacama Desert that is characterized by great mining, archaeological, astronomical and fishing wealth. This campus is state, public and secular, and bears the name of the city that hosts it: Antofagasta, an urban center known as the "Mining Capital of Chile", which has more than 450 thousand inhabitants, in addition to being an important service and business center.

The University of Antofagasta as such is 31 years old, however, it is the heir to the tradition of two important regional headquarters of national universities that merged to create this institution: the University of Chile and the Technical University of the State, thus adding a presence of more than 60 years in the region.

This institution has a good level of connection with the environment, maintaining alliances and agreements with mining companies, government institutions, foreign universities, research centers in Chile and other countries. In the research area, the University of Antofagasta focuses on developing the following areas: Technologies and Innovation for Mining Processes, Clean Energies, Astrobiology and Extremophilic Organisms, Biotechnology, Marine Crops of Species of Commercial Interest, Biology of Reproduction, Ecology Microbial, Altitude Physiology, Anthropology, Non-Conventional Renewable Energies, Man and Desert, among others.

This University also has a theater company, a radio station, written press, a cultural extension center, seven artistic groups, a language center and, in the future, an Anthropological Museum and a Clinical Hospital.

  • Av. Angamos 601, Antofagasta
  • Phone: (56-55) 263 7183