Catholic University of Temuco

The Catholic University of Temuco has been founded by the Catholic Church, to serve the society of La Araucanía and the southern macro-region of the country, dedicating itself from its beginnings to "the extensive training of future professionals, to the cultivation of ideas that open new grooves to knowledge, and to research that perfects life and institutions, generating new horizons and possibilities for their people and their territories ”.

UC Temuco, which turned 55 in 2014, has a Christian humanist educational model that offers a solid academic and ethical training to its students, future professionals willing to serve and build a more just, developed and supportive society. It is linked to its social environment to understand and contribute to the solution of its problems, challenges and aspirations, inspired by the Social Doctrine of the Church. The University has developed a solid and genuine commitment to equity and inclusive access to higher education.

Along these lines, the creation of the technical faculty stands out, with ten programs; the preparatory program, technical talents, pedagogical talents and the installation of the Program for Accompaniment and Effective Access (PACE), an emblematic government project that serves more than 3,500 students from vulnerable backgrounds.

Five strategic decisions determine the long-term actions of the institution: a) improve and articulate the training work in a quality educational continuum; b) produce research with high regional impact; c) contribute to improving social coexistence in a multicultural region such as La Araucanía; d) consolidate national and international networks and e) develop institutional capacities.

  • Manuel Montt 56, Temuco
  • Phone: (56-45) 2205 205