Austral University of Chile

The Austral University of Chile (UACh) has as an institutional mission to contribute with its academic, scientific and cultural activity, to the material and spiritual development of society, in accordance with the sustainable development needs that the country requires. The Austral University of Chile is a complete university, that is, it incorporates all areas of knowledge (Humanities, Social Sciences and Economic Sciences; Health; Engineering; Basic and Applied Science; Agricultural and Forestry Area) to which is added a special concern for the environment and sustainable development, which is reflected in the fact that the UACh has endorsed the concept: "Knowledge and Nature".

In the same way, it is a complex university, since, together with training professionals, it carries out postgraduate teaching (master's and doctorate), high-level research, extension and a close relationship with the regional, national and international environment. The Austral University of Chile has two campuses in the city of Valdivia, Los Ríos Region (Isla Teja and Miraflores).

In the Los Lagos Region, it has a presence in Osorno in the Health area and a Headquarters in Puerto Montt. Added to this is the Patagonia Campus in the Aysén Region, as well as a Representation Office in the Metropolitan Region. Along with academic and scientific work, he carries out extensive work in the field of culture and the arts. The Austral University of Chile was founded on September 7, 1954, by Supreme Decree No. 3,757. It was born thanks to the efforts of the Valdivian community, led by the Founding Rector, Mr. Eduardo Morales Miranda, with the purpose of decentralizing higher-level professional training in the country, an aspect that is included in the founding motto: “Libertas Capitur” (La Freedom is Conquered).

  • Independence 641, Valdivia
  • Telephone: (56-63) 2221 277