Arturo Prat University

The Arturo Prat University, state and regional, has a strong social commitment, demonstrated in its more than 40 years of experience training quality professionals, who support their development in priority disciplinary areas for Chile.

In this way, its activities promote standards of academic quality and economic viability in institutional management, stimulating the formulation and development of multi, inter and transdisciplinary projects. In teaching, this House of Higher Studies strengthens this function within a continuous education model that allows the permanent personal and professional development of each student throughout their learning cycle.

It also promotes transversal training areas, adopting the Transferable Credit System model for the Institution's programs. In Research and Innovation, it supports the development of knowledge areas aimed at responding to problems inherent to the Tarapacá Region and the country, to improve their competitiveness.

Likewise, it encourages its academics to apply for projects in competitive, open and competitive funds, also promoting the generation of links between lines of applied research and the public and private sectors. Fundamental within its work is also the dissemination and publication of the results of scientific and technological research, encouraging multidisciplinary research and the participation of student researchers. Arturo Prat University, for research, teaching and linking of excellence.

  • Av. Arturo Prat 2120, Iquique
  • Phone: (56-57) 239 4211