Your Master in Chile

Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities

The universities of the Council of Rectors offer a significant number of master's programs in all disciplinary areas.

Each of these programs has undergone rigorous quality assurance procedures, in order to allow students to expand and develop knowledge to solve more complex disciplinary, interdisciplinary or professional problems in a systematic and creative way.

At the same time, the Tu Magíster en Chile programs enable people to undertake a career as researchers in a specific area of knowledge, providing greater theoretical and conceptual deepening.

Those looking to expand their knowledge and acquire new tools for more complex professional development will find various opportunities on this page.

In this information system, there are only those master's programs accredited by the National Accreditation Commission.

Tu Magíster en Chile programs are distributed in all areas of knowledge. There is a wide offer of accredited master's programs in the areas of Technology, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences; Administration and Commerce and Education.

The Tu Magíster programs in Chile express various structural dimensions. While some are academic in nature, others are professional in nature and a significant number tend to integrate both tendencies. In general, this type of differentiation is associated with the different areas of knowledge and can be identified in their descriptions and objectives.

In terms of dedication, most of the programs of the universities of the Council of Rectors have a face-to-face modality, with a part-time dedication.

Regarding the territory, the offer of accredited master's programs is distributed throughout Chile, however a concentration of this offer is observed in some regions. The Metropolitan, Fifth and Eighth regions concentrate most of the offer of master's programs in the country.