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ENCE Pilot 2017

The ENCE pilot, in 2017, was applied to students of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Nursing, Commercial Engineering, Psychology and Design of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, the University of Chile and the University of Valparaíso. Valid responses were obtained from 871 students from the 2017 cohort (first year) and from the 2014 cohort (fourth year).

The survey was applied online by each of the participating universities, under the coordination of the team of researchers. The field work was carried out during the second half of August and the first half of September 2017.

ENCE 2017

The ENCE 2018 survey considered five CRUCH universities: the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the Universidad de Chile, the Universidad de Valparaíso, the Universidad de Playa Ancha and the Universidad Católica de Temuco. In total, 7,383 students from the 2018 cohort (first year) and from the 2015 cohort (fourth year) completed the survey, who are pursuing careers in the areas of Administration and Commerce, Agriculture, Art and Architecture, Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Education, General Studies, Humanities, Health and Technology.

The questionnaire included 90 items (questions) and considers 9 evaluation dimensions, which cover various aspects associated with the student experience and learning. On the other hand, it collects descriptive information on the personal and socioeconomic characterization of the students, together with information on academic results and their perceptions about the use of time, expectations and achievements; together with evidence on certain practices considered "High Impact".

Scheme of the ENCE 2018 Questionnaire


Institution / Program
Age / Sex
EM background
Admission background
Personal information
Household data
Socioeconomic data
Student benefits


Hour dedication


1. Higher order learning
2. Learning strategies
3. Quantitative reasoning
4. Collaborative learning
5. Interaction with another-diversity
6. Student-teacher interaction
7. Effective teaching practices
8. Quality of interactions
9. Institutional support


Rating - Notes
Compared Notes
Approval mug
(Retention, Exit Time)
Semester performance


Competency Achievements
Graduate perspective
Universitary experience


Early professional internships
Student participation - volunteering
Study groups / learning communities
Collaboration in research projects
+ Other exploratory

ENCE 2019

This year, 10 CRUCH universities will participate in the ENCE survey: the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the Universidad de Chile, the Universidad de Valparaíso, the Universidad de Playa Ancha, the Universidad Católica de Temuco, the Universidad de Aysén, the Universidad Católica of the Santísima Concepción, the University of Talca, the Metropolitan Technological University and the University of the Border.

The instrument will be applied to the students of the cohorts 2019 (first year) and 2016 (fourth year), to a group of careers of the participating institutions, during the second semester.


Presentations International Seminar "Student Engagement and Promotion of University Education"

May 2019