Our history

El Consejo de Rectoras y Rectores de las Universidades Chilenas (CRUCH) es un organismo colegiado, autónomo, con personalidad jurídica de derecho público, creado por ley el 14 de agosto de 1954, con el objetivo de coordinar la labor universitaria del país.

El Consejo de Rectoras y Rectores de las Universidades Chilenas (CRUCH) was created on August 14, 1954, by virtue of the provisions of Law No. 11. 575, article 36, letter c, which defines CRUCH as a coordinating body for university work in the nation. It is also assigned the task of improving the performance and quality of university teaching through purposeful work.

In 1985, through DFL No. 2, it was confirmed that the Council of Rectors is a legal person under public law, with autonomous administration, domiciled in the city of Santiago. This standard establishes as a special concern of this body the annual preparation of coordination plans for scientific and technological research. This Decree also provides that the General Secretariat of this institution will be in charge of the administration of the service and must have the organization established by the internal regulations duly approved by the Council.

Over the years, the role of the Council of Rectors has materialized in important contributions to the university environment, such as the establishment of a system for selecting and admitting students to the universities that comprise it, through the creation of Selection Tests. University, the only standardized test in Latin America.

Additionally, this Council has made important contributions to the creation of laws related to higher education, such as the enactment of the "Law on Quality Assurance of Higher Education" (Law No. 20,129), the generation of the "Solidarity Fund System of University Credit ”(Law Nº 19,287) and the Law of Higher Education (21,091)”

En la actualidad, el Consejo de Rectores de las Universidades Chilenas está integrado por las rectoras y los rectores de las treinta universidades estatales y no estatales con vocación pública del país y lo preside el Ministro(a) de Educación”

Minutes of session no. 1 of the council of rectors

The first session of the Council of Rectors was held on December 28, 1954, at the headquarters of the University of Chile in the city of Santiago. It was attended by the rectors of the University of Chile, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, Federico Santa María Technical University, State Technical University and Austral University. In this first session, there was an agreement to appoint Mr. Horacio Serrano as the first Secretary General of this Council, creating an agile and executive institution according to Law No. 11,575, which refers to university scientific research and its regulations. .

Minutes of session No. 1, December 28, 1954

Anniversary Publication

Book 60 Years of the Council of Rectors

Since its birth in 1954, the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH) has played a fundamental role in the development of Higher Education and in the consolidation of the university system in Chile. This book gives an account of the contributions and milestones of the Council of Rectors in the period 1954-2014.

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