Category: Social and Economic Geography

Doctorado en geografía

  • Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
  • Región Metropolitana de Santiago

Social Sciences Area Sub-Discipline Social and Economic Geography Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (San Joaquín Campus) City: Macul, Commune: Santiago, Region: Metropolitan Region Objectives The Doctoral Program in Geography aims to train researchers and teachers, to work in university institutions and equivalents; as well as professionals of high academic level and with critical capacity, […]

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Doctorado en planificación territorial y sustentabilidad (programa nuevo)

  • Región de La Araucanía
  • Catholic University of Temuco

Social Sciences Area Sub-Discipline Social and Economic Geography Universidad Católica de Temuco City: Temuco, Commune: Temuco, Region: La Araucanía Region Objectives 1. To train advanced human resources, in the themes of territorial planning (simulation of scenarios, socio-natural risks , land use planning, geomatics) and sustainability (applied ecology, biodiversity, limnology and water resources, sociology, economy, interculturality) with […]

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Doctorate of Social Sciences in Territorial Studies

Social Sciences Area Sub-discipline Other Social Sciences University of Los Lagos City: Osorno, Commune: Osorno, Region: Los Lagos Region Objectives To train researchers capable of designing, implementing and directing research processes and generating new knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of regional and territory studies, from the social sciences and working in tasks […]

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