Doctorado en Ciencias Con Mención en Física


natural Sciences


Physical sciences

Universidad Católica del Norte

Northern Catholic University

  • City: Antofagasta,
  • Commune: Antofagasta,
  • Region: Antofagasta Region

To train researchers with advanced knowledge, with an emphasis on research from both the fundamental topics of physics, as well as the specific lines of the Program, capable of developing original, innovative research, independently and / or in collaboration, promoting integration and the development of high-level research.

Applicant Profile

The program is aimed at those who have a Bachelor's degree in Physics or equivalent professional title, which accredits satisfactory previous training for the purposes and requirements of the program.

Graduate profile

The program graduate will have acquired a solid background in the fundamental pillars of physics. Able to develop independent research and actively collaborate in research groups generating original contributions to knowledge that contribute to the advancement of a scientific area.
During their training process, the future graduate develops different types of competences: specific and generic. The former represent specific areas of knowledge and application for the performance of professional activity. The second correspond to attributes of scientific work at a professional level and its ability to develop the activity in a global community that allow continuous training.

Lines of investigation

- Statistical Physics
- Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory
- Nanoscience
- Galactic Astrophysics


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