Consejo de Rectores repudia atentado incendiario contra la Universidad de Concepción y llama a perseverar en el diálogo para superar los conflictos

The Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH) expresses its support and solidarity to the community of the University of Concepción, after the arson attack that occurred at the Faculty of Forest Sciences during the early hours of Friday, October 22. Those who committed this attack fired at officials who perform security functions in the compound and caused damage to infrastructure and institutional vehicles.

The rectors and rectors that make up this Council repudiate this aggression and reject the acts of violence with which some seek to impose their opinions and demands, dismissing the paths of dialogue and the search for agreements. We need a rule of law that prevents violence from being used as a method to obtain results. Nothing justifies actions that put community members at risk and affect spaces and assets that are at the service of academic work and the generation of knowledge, science, arts and culture, thereby affecting all citizens.

The Council of Rectors also expresses its support to the authorities of the University of Concepción regarding the measures that the institution adopts to establish the responsibilities related to these events.

In coherence with the principles of universality, respect for diversity, pluralism, search for the common good and commitment to the public that govern the actions of CRUCH, we respectfully call for persevering in dialogue and opening meeting spaces that allow finding a solution to conflicts, which only get worse when violence and intimidation are used.