Comisión de Igualdad de Género del Cruch por requerimiento de parlamentarios sobre estudios de género

In response to the request for information made by the honorable deputies Mr. Cristóbal Urruticoechea Ríos and Mr. Harry Jürgensen Rundshagen to two state universities, the University of Chile and the University of Santiago de Chile, about learning about the courses, centers, programs and study plans " related to gender studies, gender ideology, gender perspective, sexual diversity and feminism ”, their cost and who is in charge of them, as members of the Gender Equality Commission of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (CRUCH ) and directors of the gender units of our respective universities, we want to express our opinion.

The 30 universities that make up the CRUCH are committed to advancing gender equality and this accounts for the large number of activities that are permanently carried out. The important advances in the incorporation of the gender perspective in the education and research processes in our universities is something that we are proud to show, highlight and share.

This perspective enriches the quality of teaching, pluralism and the production of knowledge in our institutions, providing critical reflections and proposals for transformation to achieve more just and egalitarian societies. This work is also the product of the great collaborative effort made by academics, workers and students at each of our universities.

The recognition of the budgets that sustain these courses, activities and programs will most likely show how much is done with limited resources and how much more it would be possible to advance if we had resources more in line with gender needs and gaps, such as requires the recently approved law that regulates sexual harassment, violence and gender discrimination in the field of higher education (Law No. 21,369).

We uphold the importance of moving towards a more just, more egalitarian society, eradicating all forms of discrimination and violence, as well as the importance of comprehensive sexual education and sexual and reproductive rights. We believe that higher education institutions have a key role to contribute to this path for Chile.

It seems important to us to point out that the use of the expression "gender ideology" in the request of the deputies is not innocuous, since it is used from the most conservative sectors to, in some way, seek to accuse the academy and / or the movements feminists of any action that could be repudiated. As gender directors of the CRUCH universities, we vindicate the importance of continuing to advance, from a gender and human rights perspective, in training, research and innovation projects in our universities. We are encouraged by a committed, unavoidable and responsible ethical duty, we are proud of our work, which is public and transparent.

The members of the Gender Equality Commission have no problem identifying ourselves with our names, surnames and institutional affiliation and showing our contribution to a social coexistence where all people can develop their project of free life and equality.