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Universidad Alberto Hurtado

Alberto Hurtado University

  • City: Santiago,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

Train autonomous academics and researchers,
capable of generating relevant knowledge
for the discipline of Social Work with high
standards of theoretical and methodological rigor.

Applicant Profile

Graduates in Social Work, Workers
Social with Master. Graduates in other areas
and / or master's degree in areas of social sciences
or related, with a specific interest in Work
Social, policies and social interventions with
creditable training in social sciences.

Graduate profile

● Formulate coherent research projects, oriented to the production of original and relevant scientific knowledge in the field of the doctorate lines.
● Implement scientific research projects autonomously and systematically, meeting criteria of methodological rigor.
● Analyze and interpret data in order to answer relevant research questions for the discipline of Social Work and Social Sciences that are oriented towards a complex and interdisciplinary understanding of the processes of social transformation.
● Recognize the implications of research results for processes of social transformation, State action, social policies and society.
● Disseminate research results in different oral and / or written scientific publication formats.
● Develop quality university teaching according to the UAH training model.

Lines of investigation

Emergencies, processes and strategies
social transformation; Well-being, Justice, Inequality in America
Latin; Subjectivities and sociocultural dimensions
for the understanding of the public and the
Social intervention