Doctorado en psicología


social Sciences



Universidad Diego Portales

Diego Portales University

  • City: Santiago,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

The Doctorate program seeks to train researchers of excellence in the field of Psychology, who are capable of independently producing relevant knowledge and possess the necessary skills to transmit and discuss their research in complex and plural academic disciplinary settings.

Applicant Profile

At the time of applying, the interested party must present the following documentation:
Certificate of bachelor's degree and, if it exists, a master's degree granted by a national or foreign university.
Curriculum vitae, according to standard format.
Copy of Identity Card or Passport (foreign students).
A letter of motivation, of no more than 2 pages, giving an account of your motivation for entering the Program.
A research plan, with a maximum of 2 pages where the applicant gives an account of the topic he / she would like to investigate in the Doctorate.
Affidavit regarding mastery of at least one foreign language relevant to the research area.
Concentration of grades and graduation ranking of the bachelor's and master's degree (if you have this degree).
Signed declaration of the availability of time to dedicate to the program.
Two letters of recommendation from academics and / or researchers, depending on the format.

Graduate profile

At the end of their training, the UDP Doctor of Psychology:
You will have a wealth of up-to-date and specialized knowledge on fundamental topics in psychology.
You will be able to identify the historical, epistemological, disciplinary and interdisciplinary dimensions recorded by contemporary investigative debates in your area of thematic concentration.
You will be able to recognize and participate in the debates regarding the pluralism of psychology.
They will have the skills to design and develop original research in the field of psychology, mainly in their area of specialization, with a view to contributing to reflection, debate and the production of disciplinary knowledge, at the national and international level.

Lines of investigation

1. Social Psychology: Subjects and Social Practices
2. Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
3. Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences