Doctorado en psicología


social Sciences



Universidad de La Frontera

University of La Frontera

  • City: Temuco,
  • Commune: Temuco,
  • Region: Araucanía Region

Provide advanced training in the foundations of psychological science, research methods and cultural psychology, and develop skills to conduct original research.

Applicant Profile

The student of the Doctorate in Psychology has a bachelor's and / or master's degree in psychology or other related disciplines. Shows interest in researching and generating scientific knowledge; demonstrates competencies in statistics, research methods (basic or intermediate level), and comprehensive reading in English. Has experience in teaching and scientific research according to their academic degree (for example, assistantships, undergraduate and / or graduate university teaching, participation in research projects and scientific publications)

Graduate profile

Graduate Profile:
The Doctor of Psychology at the University of La Frontera is a graduate with advanced training in the fundamentals of psychological science, research methods and cultural psychology, and capacities to develop original research.
His training emphasizes the role that culture has in the psychological processes associated with human and social development, enabling him / her to develop original research in Psychology, applying advanced research methods, in order to generate updated disciplinary knowledge, prepare scientific documents (projects of research, articles, books, and the like) according to norms and criteria relevant to each of them, and effectively communicate disciplinary knowledge and research results, in academic and training activities, both with specialized and non-specialized public, as with undergraduate and graduate students.
The Doctor in Psychology graduated from the University of La Frontera, may work in universities, research centers and public and private institutions. They will carry out their work both autonomously and as part of teams, respecting socio-cultural diversity, and acting in accordance with current ethical principles of the discipline.

Lines of investigation

Lines of investigation:
- Culture, behavior and health outcomes
- Culture, personality and social psychology
- Economic psychology, consumption and construction of identity in the postmodern era
- Basic cognition and technology in the development and sustainable aging of people