Doctorado en psicología


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Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Campus San Joaquín)

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (San Joaquín Campus)

  • City: Macul,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

The purpose of the Doctorate in Psychology program is to provide its students with a postgraduate training of excellence, which enables them to perform high-level academic practice with an emphasis on research in the various areas of psychology and its applications. To meet this objective, the doctoral program is based on a study plan that allows students to design, both conceptually and methodologically, and carry out a rigorous research process that concludes in an original and novel thesis. All of the above occurs in the context of the School of Psychology of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, where there are also two other PhD programs, one in Psychotherapy (in conjunction with the University of Chile and the University of Heidelberg, Germany), and another in Neurosciences (in conjunction with the UC Faculties of Chemistry, Biology and Medicine). The possibility of students taking subjects taught in the different programs, as well as the option of accessing the research carried out by academics from their cloisters, constitutes a great strength for the training that the Doctorate in Psychology intends to deliver.

Applicant Profile

It is required: Professional Title, Bachelor's Degree, or Master's degree to apply for the Doctoral Program. Although the desirable undergraduate training is Psychology, applicants from related careers will be accepted, as long as they meet the entry requirements indicated by these regulations.
All applicants for the Doctorate in Psychology, regardless of the undergraduate degree that enables them to apply, must have followed at least one course in Inferential Statistics prior to their application. If you do not have a statistics course, you should take a brief informative course about the required knowledge of statistics, to be held in January in order to identify topics to be studied by the student, and thus guide such study.
In addition, you must have proficiency in the use of computer programs, such as word processors and statistical analysis packages; Also a Certificate that certifies understanding of the English language, with a higher intermediate level (ALTE 2 or equivalent).

Graduate profile

The study plan of the Doctorate in Psychology, together with the development of the doctoral thesis from the fifth semester, account for the graduation profile of the program, which emphasizes the development of capacities to exercise the different academic activities (generation of research projects , data analysis, preparation of works for scientific dissemination, among others) with an updated view of current psychological theories, and applying appropriate statistical and data analysis techniques to different research problems.

This is observed through the productivity of our students through the generation of scientific products, such as presentations at conferences and the development and publication of scientific articles.

Lines of investigation

Social and political psychology.

Neuroscience and cognition.

Developmental psychology.

Educational Psychology and Individual Differences.

Health Psychology.