Doctorado en nutrición y alimentos


Medical and Health Sciences


Health Sciences

Universidad de Chile

University of Chile

  • City: Macul
    La Pintana,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

To train graduates of the highest level, who have a broad domain of the disciplines of the area, who are capable of developing original and relevant research in the field of nutrition and food and of transmitting the knowledge emanating from their research through teaching activity undergraduate and graduate

Applicant Profile

Be in possession of a Master's degree or a Bachelor's degree, in the field of disciplines and fields of study typical of the areas of nutrition and food, as well as other related areas. Applicants must accredit prior training according to the purposes and requirements of the program.

Graduate profile

The graduate profile of the students corresponds to a graduate with critical and creative thinking skills, with skills to: develop, conduct and manage independent research of excellence, with an integrating conception of the areas of nutrition and food, in the academic field; also in the food production area in its research, innovation and development departments.

Lines of investigation

1.- Functional foods.
2.- Physiological and nutritional aspects of micronutrients.
3.- Biopolymers, development of biomaterials for encapsulation, packaging and edible coatings.
4.- Technological innovation in food, product formulation and development.
5.- Food microbiology and food safety.
6.- Clinical nutrition and pathologies with nutritional repercussions.
7.- Nutrition, growth and development.
8.- Nutrition, aging and public health.
9.- Nutrition and animal feeding.
10.- Nutrigenomics and gene regulation.
11.- Production and preservation of food of plant origin.
12.- Physical-chemical, sensory and organoleptic properties of food.
13.- Chemistry and biochemistry of food