Doctorado en matemática


natural Sciences





  • Commune: Valparaíso,
  • Region: Valparaíso Region
  • Federico Santa María Technical University
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso
  • University of Valparaíso

Its objective is to train human resources doctorates in Mathematics, with excellent and advanced training and with a solid specialization in some of the lines of research that the Consortium's universities support, capable of contributing to the training of mathematicians and prepared to carry out scientific research and / or original technology,
independent and avant-garde.

Applicant Profile

Be in possession of a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics or related disciplines, or a title or degree whose level, content and duration of studies are equivalent to those necessary to obtain the corresponding Bachelor's degree. The Program Committee may accept conditional students in a special leveling plan.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Ph.D. program in Mathematics possesses the knowledge, skills and aptitudes to:
1.- To project, formulate and independently execute quality research in their line of specialization, in order to contribute to knowledge in mathematics.
2.- Integrate work teams, for the generation of new knowledge.
3.- Develop their work from the perspective of the ethical standards of the discipline.

Lines of investigation

1. Non-linear and EDP analysis
2. Numerical Analysis
3. EDP Control and Reverse Problems
4. Statistical Modeling
5. Optimization
6. Stochastic processes
7. Dynamic Systems
8. Number Theory