Doctorado en ingeniería y tecnología


Engineering and Technology


Other Engineering and Technologies

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Campus San Joaquín)

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (San Joaquín Campus)

  • City: Macul,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

The objective of the Doctorate in Engineering and Technology is to train doctors of excellence, with the skills and abilities necessary to generate, apply and transfer knowledge in one of the research lines of the Program, in order to strengthen the technological and productive capacities of the industries. in the public or private sector, contributing to the economic and social development of the country.

Applicant Profile

Must be in possession of the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering or in other fields of science. The degree must have been awarded by recognized universities in Chile or abroad. In case of having academic degrees of foreign origin, these must be equivalent to those mentioned above.
Have a sufficient understanding of the English language to read articles, books and access international documents and databases. Applicants who are not in possession of a certificate that
prove proficiency in the English language according to what is stated in the UC Doctorate Regulations, they must take a diagnostic exam at the University in order to evaluate their language level and enroll in the indicated courses to achieve the required competencies.

Graduate profile

To obtain the academic degree of Doctor of Engineering and Technology, the student must demonstrate the following competencies:

Model and analyze complex problems, providing solutions from engineering and technology;
Develop original, formal and excellent research in an applied context;
Move the frontier of knowledge in an industry and impact its productivity.
Formulate and manage research projects with defined resources and deadlines;
Effectively employ knowledge and cognitive skills in a professional context;
Collect feedback from the company and participate in development teams;
Deploy transversal skills in a professional field.

Lines of investigation

Systems and Processes
It encompasses projects that require an advanced study of how the parts of an arrangement of components, materials or concepts are related, and how this interaction leads to producing a desired or undesired result.

Sustainability and Infrastructure
It encompasses projects based on the advanced study of facilities and fundamental systems for the operation of a society or community, with a focus on maintaining functionality over time, both in typical conditions for the system and in the face of extreme events.

Information and Technology
It covers projects based on the advanced study of the techniques, methods and skills necessary to fulfill an objective based on the availability, quality and meaning of information about a system and / or process.