Doctorado en ingeniería eléctrica


Engineering and Technology


Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaìso

Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso

  • City: Valparaìso,
  • Commune: Valparaìso,
  • Region: Valparaìso Region

• The general objective of the program is to train high-level, creative and autonomous researchers, with a solid scientific-technological background, capable of carrying out research on the frontier of knowledge and focused on contributing to the development of Electrical Engineering. This is accomplished through three specific objectives:
a) Train people for independent and original research in the areas of Electrical Engineering;
b) Contribute to the advancement of scientific-technological knowledge for the solution of problems in the field of the discipline; and
c) Communicate and disseminate research results from the rigor of academic work

Applicant Profile

• The applicant has knowledge of Basic Sciences and Engineering Sciences, preferably in areas related to Electrical Engineering; has an interest in the scientific development and research lines of the program; and has a sufficient command of the English language to acquire knowledge in the discipline.

Graduate profile

The program graduate has the ability to research and generate knowledge in the areas of Electrical Engineering with independence, scientific discipline and critical spirit.

Lines of investigation

Sensors and telecommunications, which covers aspects from the acquisition of electrical signals, to their subsequent processing and transmission through highly specialized equipment

Artificial intelligence and automation, which considers aspects associated with the realization of intelligent and autonomous systems through the design and implementation of sophisticated algorithms.