Doctorado en ingeniería de minas


Engineering and Technology


Other Engineering and Technologies

Universidad de Chile

University of Chile

  • City: Santiago,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

The Program seeks to train graduates with a broad domain of Mining Engineering, capable of conducting scientific research and technological development applied to mining activity. Areas of interest are reservoir evaluation, rock mechanics, mining design, planning and technology, automation and robotics, and geo-mining-metallurgy.

Applicant Profile

The Program is multidisciplinary in nature and is aimed at Graduates in Engineering Sciences, Earth Sciences, or equivalent degrees, who wish to complete their academic training by researching any problem related to the mining industry.

Graduate profile

The Program is aimed at training high-level specialists who have a broad domain of Mining Engineering and who are capable of developing scientific and technological knowledge and original research applied to mining.

Lines of investigation

The thematic areas considered are defined by the strengths of the academic body and include each of the activities of the mineral extraction process.

1.- Reservoir evaluation
2.- Mine planning
3.- Rock mechanics, design and mining technology
4.- Automation and robotics for mining
5.- Geo-mining-metallurgy