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Universidad de Talca

Talca University

  • City: Curicó,
  • Commune: Curicó,
  • Region: Maule Region

5.1 General Objective
To form a researcher with advanced specialization in engineering, who is capable of developing and transferring technological innovation to the industry, forming work teams to generate new knowledge, products, services, systems and processes that allow them to contribute at the national and international, from engineering in some of the development and research lines of the program.
5.2 Specific Objectives
to. Train engineering researchers capable of detecting problems, proposing solutions and carrying them out, through scientific-technological research, in multidisciplinary teams and in consideration of ethical conduct regulated by the standards of the discipline
b. Train doctors with specialized theoretical and practical knowledge in engineering, which allow them to develop and transfer technological innovation in the productive and services sector
C. To train graduates capable of leading processes for the protection of intellectual property of products and services, promoting collaborative relationships in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams.
d. Encourage the dissemination of advances and research results in instances of discussion and interdisciplinary dialogue, contributing to the resolution of problems in industry and academia in the engineering area.

Applicant Profile

The students who enter the Doctorate in Engineering have the minimum academic degree of Bachelor of Engineering Sciences or areas compatible with these, awarded in a university recognized in their respective countries as Higher Education institutions. As well as, they show interest in research in the area, preferably in the lines of development and research that the program declares. They demonstrate an attitude of commitment and permanent disposition to search and update their learning as well as autonomous study. Additionally, they have a good disposition to integrate work teams and the ability to read and understand specialized texts in English and Spanish. Students have proven English language proficiency, equivalent to at least an intermediate level of reading and comprehension. Non-Spanish-speaking students have an accredited level of Spanish at an oral and written level.

Graduate profile

The Doctor of Engineering, trained jointly at the Universities of La Frontera, Bio-Bio and Talca, is a graduate who possesses, creates and autonomously applies advanced knowledge in engineering, responding to the challenges of global industry, with skills to lead applied research teams in industrial, university contexts or in Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + i) centers.
Likewise, it also develops innovation in products, services or production processes according to a sustainability approach, making use of cutting-edge technologies and innovation management processes, also being able to transfer and patent.
The Doctor of Engineering is characterized by their willingness to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams and by their ethical conduct, regulated to the standards of the discipline, contributing to the discussion of the area, by disclosing progress and results through articles and others, intended for professional and academic audiences with national and international scope.

Lines of investigation

-Energy Sustainability for Industry
-Data Engineering and Modeling for the productive and services sector
-Advanced Manufacturing and Materials