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Universidad de Concepción

University of Concepcion

  • City: Concepcion,
  • Commune: Concepción,
  • Region: Biobío

General objective:
The general objective of the Program is the training of doctors in metallurgical engineering with a deep scientific knowledge of the different phenomena and fundamental mechanisms that intervene in the processes of extractive metallurgy, the unit operations and their associated technologies and that are capable of developing in the form autonomous scientific and technological research in universities, research centers and in research and development departments of industries and companies in the field of extractive metallurgy, in the area of their specialty with the purpose of positively impacting society.

Specific objectives:
- Produce and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge generated in different contexts of metallurgical engineering.
- Promote the training and empowerment of networks by linking students and teachers of the program with the industrial environment and with other national and international actors.
- Contribute to the formation of advanced human capital through the development of R & D & I activities in metallurgical engineering issues relevant to society.

Applicant Profile


Graduate profile

Graduates of the Metallurgical Engineering Doctoral Program are prepared to:

- Autonomously develop scientific and technological research in Universities, Research Centers and in Research and Development Departments of Industries and Companies, in extractive metallurgy processes in the area of their specialty.

- Integrate multidisciplinary research teams and lead groups in which they will be able to design, evaluate and implement broad research programs to solve complex problems.

- Identify problems and formulate original approaches, rigorously applying the scientific method to develop research aimed at solving problems in society from metallurgical engineering.

- Disseminate the knowledge generated in their training process, in various contexts, communicating results orally and in writing.

- Formulate, develop, manage, and evaluate independently or as a research leader, innovative projects in their line of research.

Lines of investigation

- Minerals Processing
- Chemical Metallurgy