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Physical sciences

Universidad de Antofagasta

University of Antofagasta

  • City: Antofagasta,
  • Commune: Antofagasta,
  • Region: Antofagasta Region

The objective of the PhD Program in Physics Mention in Mathematical Physics is to train doctors who, in addition to being endowed with a deep understanding of the physical laws of nature and having frontier knowledge in their area of specialty, have an important training component in mathematics that reinforces your ability to solve complex problems of both a theoretical and applied nature. With these competences, future doctors will be able to develop quality research and lead both scientific research within the academy, as well as generate innovative scientific contributions and integrate cutting-edge and interdisciplinary teams in technological or industrial R&D centers at national or international level. .

Applicant Profile

In order to apply to the program, it is mandatory to be in possession of the academic degree (or equivalent professional title) of Bachelor of Physics or Mathematics, or in a related discipline.

Procedure to apply to the program

The applicant must complete the application for admission and submit their curriculum in the indicated format, accompanying it with all the necessary documentation.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the PhD program in Physics Mention in Mathematical Physics has a broad domain of mathematical treatments that complement their conceptual and practical training in the scientific bases that underpin Physics and the most significant frontier advances in their area of specialty. It has skills that allow it to:

Facing technical problems, developing original research independently at the highest scientific level and generating knowledge in the field of Physics and its applications.

Transfer critical and creative thinking to other scientific and technological areas that require it.

Identify, evaluate, propose strategies and solve research problems focused on creating new technologies and innovation.

Lines of investigation

Medium and Low Energy Physics.
-Condensed matter and physical chemical.
-Information and Quantum Optics.
-Plasma physics.
High Energy and Gravity Physics.

-Theories of gravity and quantum gravitation.
-Gauge theories of unification and strings.
-Astrophysics and cosmology.
Mathematical-Physics Problems.
-Differential equations, algebraic equations and integrability.
-Theory of operators, matrices and quantum properties.
-Analytical, numerical and statistical methods of problem solving.