Doctorado en estudios transfronterizos


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Universidad Arturo Prat

Arturo Prat University

  • City: Iquique,
  • Commune: Iquique,
  • Region: Tarapacá Region

The general objective of the program is to train PhDs in cross-border studies from an interdisciplinary approach, capable of carrying out original research of excellence and autonomously.

Applicant Profile

Those people who have the academic degree of Bachelor or higher in Social Sciences, Humanities, International Relations, Political Sciences and the like, may apply to the Program.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Doctoral Program in Cross-Border Studies is a researcher capable of generating new knowledge in the field of study, through the development of research of excellence, autonomously and interdisciplinary. He / she is prepared to integrate specific knowledge, participate and contribute in the current debates of cross / border studies, with regional relevance, through the use of various methodologies.
At the same time, the graduate doctorates will develop scientific research with adherence to the ethical foundations of the field of social sciences and the studies of the lines of International Relations; Borders and Territories; Human Mobility and Cross-Border Social Practices; and Cross-border Religion and Cultural Dynamics.
Specific Competences:
- Contributes from a critical perspective to the debates of recent (trans) border studies, through research in social sciences and other related disciplines.
- Generates knowledge from the local to the global, through the identification of the specificities of cross-border territories with emphasis on the study of northern Chile.
- Knows various research methodologies for the theoretical-interdisciplinary development of the research lines of the Doctorate.
- Participates and contributes to interdisciplinary research teams in the field of cross-border studies, in aspects pertinent to the border regions of Latin America and other continents

Lines of investigation

1) International Relations and Border, and 2) Human mobility, religion and cross-border cultural practices