Doctorado en estudios intercuturales


social Sciences


Other Social Sciences

Universidad Católica de Temuco

Catholic University of Temuco

  • City: Temuco,
  • Commune: Temuco,
  • Region: La Araucanía Region

Contribute to academic, scientific and professional development in the Social and Human Sciences to generate contextualized knowledge about sociocultural phenomena within the framework of theoretical and applied research from an inter and transdisciplinary perspective in order to produce innovation and proposals for a socio-cultural change with relevance.

Applicant Profile

Professional who has a degree in the area of Social and Human Sciences or in other areas of Sciences with an interest in research in intercultural and inter-ethnic contexts. In both cases, who has the degree of Bachelor or Master. Instrumental management of a language other than the mother tongue is desirable.

Graduate profile

The graduation profile includes the development and evidence of the following competencies or performances:
1. Analyzes from an epistemological critique the current theoretical approaches, new ideas and complex situations in the field of intercultural relations, systematically understanding this field of study.
2. Investigates, individually, in a team or in a network, issues related to the field of negotiation and conflicts between societies in intercultural contexts.
3. Communicate the scientific progress of the research carried out associated with the field of social and human sciences, generating projects and / or publications in specialized magazines, at the regional, national and international levels.
4. It proposes ethical-political actions in its interdisciplinary research proposals considering sociocultural practices in contexts of cultural asymmetry, to favor dialogue processes in pursuit of national and international intercultural coexistence.

Lines of investigation

1. Intercultural Philosophy and Knowledge Dialogue.
2. Language, translation and communication.
3. Socio-historical dynamics of intercultural relations.