Doctorado en estudios americanos


social Sciences


Other Social Sciences

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

University of Santiago, Chile

  • City: Central Station,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

a) To train graduates and researchers in one of the four specialties of the Program: Social and Political Studies, International Studies, History, Thought and Culture.
b) Promote an original reflection on the American Continent from the specialties addressed by the Doctorate.
c) Deliver conceptual tools for graduates to enter the academic-research world.

Applicant Profile

a) Be in possession of the academic degree of Bachelor.
b) Accredit an intermediate level of English oriented to reading comprehension, which will be evidenced from a current certificate issued by specialized Centers or Institutions recognized by the Chilean Ministry of Education. In the case of foreign students whose mother tongue is not Spanish, they must comply with the same requirement indicated for the English language, but in this case, certified in the Spanish language.

Graduate profile

a) Investigate and produce original knowledge autonomously in the field of American Studies, incorporating an inter and multidisciplinary perspective, and using the methodologies of the Humanities and Social Sciences.
b) Formulate research projects in one of the specialty areas associated with the Program, incorporating the theories and debates that are part of the American as an object of study, safeguarding the ethical criteria pertinent to each project.
c) Communicate the specialized knowledge in the field of American Studies generated in the research, either orally or in writing in the different spaces of national and / or international socialization, evaluating the different modes and styles of argumentation in academic discourses in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Lines of investigation

1. International Studies 2. Social and Political Studies 3. History 4. Thought and Culture