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Universidad de Antofagasta

University of Antofagasta

  • City: Antofagasta,
  • Commune: Antofagasta,
  • Region: Antofagasta Region

The objective of the Doctorate Program in Solar Energy is to train graduates with specialized knowledge in the production, transport, distribution and storage of solar energy, and who are capable of independently developing original, innovative and relevant research in this field.

Applicant Profile

Be in possession of the academic degree of Bachelor or Magister in a discipline related to the program. Present to the Director of the Program the background of application to the program in the corresponding forms and within the deadlines established in the calls.

Graduate profile

The Doctor in Solar Energy will be able to:

Generate and apply scientific and technological knowledge in your area in an original and innovative way.
Identify, pose and solve problems within a field of solar energy whose solution requires the generation of new knowledge through applied scientific research.
Innovate and / or adapt solutions in the technological field of Solar Energy.
Perform with a critical judgment and analytical capacity to deal with solvency the technological problems in the area.
Formulate and direct research projects independently.
Lead and organize work groups oriented to the development of applied research projects.

Lines of investigation

Photovoltaic Solar Energy and Energy Systems:

This line presents various research topics; The first is related to Photovoltaic Solar Energy (PV), where applied research and technological development are carried out in situ, of the technical and economic characteristics of the different types of PV technologies existing in the market. A second theme is related to the characterization of the solar resource, which is dedicated to studying the characteristics of the solar resource considering the measurement on the ground of the components of solar radiation, their radiometric characteristics and characteristic solar spectrum. Finally, a third research topic considers the integration of renewable technologies in electrical systems, where the impact that large-scale integration of solar technologies and energy storage have on electrical systems.

Thermosolar Energy and Energy Storage:

In this line of research, solar thermal systems are studied, evaluating their behavior under local geographic and meteorological conditions. Also, the insertion of thermal energy in industrial processes that require heat is evaluated, thus displacing the consumption of fossil fuels. This line presents two research topics, one of them is Thermal Storage, fundamental in the continuous operation (24/7) of thermo-solar plants, studying materials that have the capacity to store heat for a long time, mixtures of molten salts and phase change materials. A second research topic is Electrical Storage. In this, high-efficiency energy storage systems using lithium batteries are studied and developed. The electrochemical characterization of storage and the development and study of new components and materials in lithium batteries are considered to increase their charge density.