Doctorado en educación superior




General education

Universidad Diego Portales

Diego Portales University

  • City: Santiago,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

The Program is characterized by adopting a tutorial modality, without teaching courses, organized based on the development of the thesis and participation in structured workshops to analyze the progress of the thesis and compulsory readings discussed in periodic colloquia.

Applicant Profile

Have a Master's degree.
Ideally, have previous work experience in the academic field either in research, teaching or higher education management, or have worked professionally in private or public, Chilean or foreign organizations, related to the field of education and / or social policies.
Additionally, applicants must have competencies in research methodologies, an advanced level of reading comprehension in English, and availability to dedicate the equivalent of half a working day to research and development of the thesis.

Graduate profile

At the end of the Program, the PhD students are expected to demonstrate the following skills and abilities:
Ability to create and interpret new knowledge through original research that satisfies a committee of peers with international experience, contributes to the intellectual development of the field and deserves to be published;
Have acquired, understood and learned to apply a significant body of knowledge to advance knowledge of the specialty or area of professional practice; Be in a position to design research projects, plan and organize their execution, identify relevant sources of knowledge, master the methods of analysis and interpretation, and adjust a project in light of the discoveries that result or unforeseen problems that arise.
Have an in-depth understanding of their own area of employment / work and articulate, based on it, the progress of their research, in order to be able to contribute in the future to the critical reflection of the practice within said area.

Lines of investigation

1. Political economy of Higher Education systems
2. Academic institutions and organizations
3. Academic Profession and University Management
4. Higher Education and Social Change