Doctorado en educación matemática


social Sciences


Education Sciences

Universidad de los Lagos

University of the Lakes

  • City: Osorno,
  • Commune: Osorno,
  • Region: Tenth Region

General Objective: To train high-level autonomous researchers, specialists in Mathematics Education, in order to contribute to the development of knowledge of the scientific discipline, generating highly qualified human resources to develop original and relevant research that contribute to the problem of teaching processes and mathematics learning at a regional, national or international level, considering the multidisciplinary nature of Mathematics Education. Specific Objectives: To develop competencies for the independent uplift and development of original research proposals, on phenomena typical of Mathematics Education.
Provide theoretical and methodological foundations to carry out processes of reflection, design and implementation of original didactic proposals for the teaching and learning of mathematics.
Generate didactic-mathematical knowledge that allows collaborating with the design of initial or continuous training cycles for mathematics teachers.
Prepare researchers to develop undergraduate and graduate teaching in an innovative way.

Applicant Profile

Those who have a Master's degree in Mathematics Education, Master's Degree in Mathematics Didactics, Master's Degree in Educational Mathematics, Master's Degree in Mathematics or Master's Degree in Education, may apply to the Doctoral Program in Mathematics Education. People who hold an academic degree considered equivalent may also apply to the Program.

Graduate profile

The Doctor of Mathematics Education is a researcher capable of identifying fundamental problems of Mathematics Education and generating projects that allow the production of new scientific knowledge that contributes to the development of the scientific discipline, based on theoretical and methodological frameworks typical of the Mathematics education. Specifically, the Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at the University of Los Lagos has the following competencies: Develop competencies for the self-raising and development of original research proposals on phenomena typical of Mathematics Education.
He leads research teams, understanding and integrating various theoretical perspectives of Mathematics Education, in order to find answers to different problems of the scientific discipline. It trains highly trained human resources in the area. He teaches quality teaching at different levels, for example, postgraduate, undergraduate, among others.

Lines of investigation

1. History, epistemology and sociocultural aspects of mathematics
2. Didactics of the various mathematical frameworks
3. Training of mathematics teachers