Doctorado en educación


social Sciences


Education Sciences

Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación

Metropolitan University of Education Sciences

  • City: Ñuñoa,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

The main objective of the Doctorate in Education is to train high-level educational researchers, focusing said training on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary articulation relevant to the socio-educational field, to contribute to the effective solution of current educational problems and innovation in education and its contexts

Applicant Profile

Bachelor's degree in Education or in the field of Social Sciences or Bachelor's degree in other fields, provided that he or the applicant accredits training and / or experience in the educational field. The Bachelor's Degree must have been issued by a national higher education institution, officially recognized by the State, or by a foreign institution, duly approved in accordance with the law. Accredit skills in reading comprehension in a related language, as well as in languages that the academic needs of the Program deem necessary. In the case of degrees or titles awarded by foreign institutions, said certificates must be translated into Spanish, endorsed and legalized by the corresponding authority. All these steps are the responsibility of the applicants.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Doctoral Program, within the framework of the ethical and social responsibility approach that characterizes the UMCE, is trained to generate new knowledge through the autonomous development of original and innovative scientific research that contributes to the understanding of and about the phenomenon educational, articulates disciplinary knowledge with pedagogical knowledge in socio-educational contexts, contributes to the knowledge and understanding of diversity that is a condition of the educational situation and impacts on the resolution of current problems in the educational field, its actors, its curriculum and contexts , At national and international level.

Lines of investigation

1. Diversity and Education. 2. Educational System and its Contexts. 3. Interdisciplinarity and Education.