Doctorado en educación


social Sciences


Education Sciences



  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region
  • Alberto Hurtado University
  • Diego Portales University

Train doctors in Education interested in contributing to the educational field through the production of relevant knowledge that can have an impact both in academic contexts, such as universities, research centers; in professional contexts, such as public bodies and educational centers.

Applicant Profile

The doctorate is aimed at Chilean and Latin American education and social science professionals. Be in possession of a bachelor's or master's degree granted by a national or foreign university, duly certified.

Graduate profile

The program graduate is expected to demonstrate:

- Ability to carry out relevant research and approach them theoretically and methodologically with intellectual rigor.

- Ability to analyze an educational problem in depth, from its disciplinary perspective, with an openness to dialogue with other perspectives and taking into account the contributions of international literature.

- Ability to use research knowledge in contexts of improvement of public policies and the school system.

- Contribute with research proposals and educational improvement to issues or problems that address the challenges of justice and social equity that the country is currently debating.

- Ability to communicate research results in teaching, publication and extension contexts.

- Demonstrate adherence to ethical practices in research.

Lines of investigation

Educational policy and social justice; Leadership, teachers and learning; Higher education, work and youth trajectories