Doctorado en economía y gestión de la información





Universidad del Bío-Bío

Bio Bio University

  • City: Chillán,
  • Commune: Chillán,
  • Region: Ñuble Region

To train autonomous and excellent researchers, capable of leading research groups that contribute to the development of the areas of economics and information management through the generation of scientific knowledge in order to propose solutions to socio-economic and organizational problems.

Applicant Profile

Graduates in Economics, Administration, Engineering or similar sciences, or people who have a Master's degree in the aforementioned disciplines.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Doctorate in Economics and Information Management at the University of Bío-Bío is characterized by being an autonomous researcher who generates and applies knowledge from the field of economics and information management. He is distinguished by his skills and knowledge of methods and tools for data management and analysis that allow modeling and proposing solutions to socio-economic and organizational problems. The graduate has the skills to work both in academic environments and research centers as well as in public and private institutions, nationally and internationally, proposing scientific solutions in the economic and / or organizational sphere.

Lines of investigation

Line 1: Economic and Organizational Analysis
-Organizational Management and Social Welfare
-Development Economy
-Panel Data Econometrics and Impact Assessment
-Agrarian economy
Line 2: Data Science and Information Management.
-Models of Structural Equations
-Business architectures
-Adoption of Systems and Technologies from an Attitudinal Approach
-Neural Networks and Deep Learning
-Programming in R for Data Science