Doctorado en economía aplicada con mención en estudios regionales


social Sciences


Economy and business

Universidad Católica del Norte

Northern Catholic University

  • City: Antofagasta,
  • Commune: Antofagasta,
  • Region: Antofagasta Region

To train doctors of excellence, trained to carry out original and autonomous research that contributes to the development of people and society and that represents an advance on the frontier of knowledge of Applied Economics in the field of Regional Studies.

Applicant Profile

The program is aimed at those who have obtained or possess a certificate of the university academic degree of Bachelor or a Professional Degree of at least 8 semesters of duration, whose level and content of studies are equivalent to those necessary to obtain the degree of Bachelor.

Graduate profile

"The graduate of the" Doctorate in Applied Economics with a Mention in Regional Studies "from the Universidad Católica del Norte is characterized by being an upright professional, committed to values such as truth, justice and freedom and who also expresses his strong social responsibility to critical and consistent with a more equitable society.
He has a solid theoretical background in Economics and Regional Studies and a consistent methodological training that will allow him to understand and independently develop scientific research and solve problems related to his area of study, with a high capacity to adapt, elaborate and apply models and theories to carry conduct quality research.

Lines of investigation

- Regional and Urban Development
- Regional Analysis Methods
- Policy Design and Evaluation