Doctorado en derecho


social Sciences



Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaìso

Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso

  • City: Valparaìso,
  • Commune: Valparaìso,
  • Region: Valparaìso Region

• The general objective is to train doctors in Law who have the ability to contribute to the advancement of the scientific community with autonomous, original and rigorous research.

They are specific objectives:
i) Allow their students to acquire specialized legal research methods in the relevant historical, normative, jurisprudential and doctrinal foundations; and
ii) Enrich the study of legal problems of national or international relevance through the dissemination of doctoral research and the activity associated with its development.

Applicant Profile

• Aimed at graduates in legal sciences, in general, and postgraduates interested in developing a doctoral thesis based on one of the research lines of the program.

Graduate profile

The following characteristics converge in graduates of the program:
a) He is the author of a doctoral thesis that evidences an autonomous, original and rigorous research, methodologically coherent, and of qualified epistemic properties (quality of reasoning, theoretical depth and of the historical and doctrinal treatment; relevance of the approach,
b) It bases its affirmations on the basis of historical, jurisprudential and doctrinal antecedents.
c) Appreciates the manifestations of the law under a theoretical framework that highlights its normative manifestation and endowed with an appropriate theoretical-legal language.

Lines of investigation

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