Doctorado en ciencias sociales


social Sciences


Social Sciences

Universidad Diego Portales

Diego Portales University

  • City: Santiago,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

• To train academics with intellectual autonomy and scientific rigor, solid theoretical and methodological knowledge, and an updated vision of the social sciences. • Prepare graduates to function in demanding academic communities capable of producing original research and disseminating knowledge in the field of social sciences. • Contribute to the understanding of the problems of social and political reality, both Chilean and Latin American, in the lines of research

Applicant Profile

The formal requirement to apply for the Doctorate in Social Sciences is to have a master's degree in a discipline of the social sciences and / or the humanities.
Exceptionally, applications will be accepted from professionals from other disciplines, who have worked in any of the research lines of the doctorate.

Additionally, it is a condition for the selection process:

• Have a medium or advanced level of reading comprehension in English.
• Be able to dedicate full time during the four years of the Program.
• Have a research proposal along the lines of the Doctorate.
• Present all the application information in the deadlines and form that are established annually.

Graduate profile

The UDP Doctorate in Social Sciences is a purely academic and exclusive-dedication program. The general objective of the program is to train advanced level researchers, capable of developing research open to interdisciplinary dialogue that contributes to the production and dissemination of new knowledge.

Lines of investigation

The cycle is organized into three training lines or curricular axes, the purpose of which is to offer the doctoral students a body of knowledge and fundamental initial tools: Problems, perspectives and debates of the Social Sciences; Culture and knowledge and Democracy and power.