Doctorado en ciencias mención recursos naturales renovables


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Universidad del Bío-Bío

Bio Bio University

  • City: Chillán,
  • Commune: Chillán,
  • Region: Ñuble Region

To train independent and excellent researchers, capable of leading research groups that contribute to the sustainable development of the region and the country through the generation of scientific knowledge related to the understanding, conservation and sustainable use of Renewable Natural Resources, with an emphasis on terrestrial ecosystems.

Applicant Profile

The recipients of the Doctorate in Sciences program with a mention in Renewable Natural Resources will all be those with a degree in Chemistry or Biology. So will all those graduates or Professionals from related disciplines in the field of Chemical or Biological Sciences, including Renewable Natural Resources Engineering, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Environmental Sciences or other related careers, with demonstrable experience , in the field of Chemical or Biological Sciences. Additionally, those graduates and / or professionals who have a Master's degree in any of the aforementioned disciplines will be recipients. Recipients must meet the entry requirements and have graduated from careers with a minimum of 8 academic semesters.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the Doctoral program in Sciences with a major in Renewable Natural Resources will be characterized by being a researcher of excellence capable of carrying out and leading basic and applied research, aimed at contributing to the understanding, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources renewables and their biodiversity. They will have a strong theoretical and practical training in the study of the different levels of complexity that biodiversity and its environments comprise, as well as in the use of tools and technologies that ensure its sustainable use and to develop and optimize processes for the production of goods. and services, with an emphasis on innovation and sustainable management of renewable natural resources. It can be inserted in academic institutions to carry out independent scientific research, undergraduate and graduate teaching, as well as in public and private entities both nationally and internationally.

Lines of investigation

Line 1: Biodiversity
Line 2: Ecological Chemistry