Doctorado en ciencias, mención conservación y manejo de recursos naturales


natural Sciences


Biological Sciences

Universidad de Los Lagos

University of Los Lagos

  • City: Puerto Montt,
  • Commune: Puerto Montt,
  • Region: Los Lagos Region

The program aims to contribute to the training of autonomous scientists, with a solid training in natural resource ecology, capable of contributing through the generation of new knowledge, to the design and implementation of strategies, plans and actions for conservation and management of biological natural resources.

Applicant Profile

Chileans or foreigners interested in pursuing an academic career oriented to autonomous scientific research, with thematic orientation to the Conservation and / or Management of Terrestrial Natural Resources, may apply to the Doctoral Program in Sciences, mention Conservation and Management of Natural Resources and / or aquatic.
The applicant must have in possession of the academic degrees of Magister or Master of Science, in disciplines related to the Conservation and / or Management of Natural Resources, or, failing that, demonstrate equivalent experience in scientific research activities, including direct participation in the execution of research projects (recognized by the Biological Sciences group of CNA Chile or similar in the case of foreigners) and authorship or co-authorship of indexed publications (WOS). Applicants who demonstrate an equivalent trajectory must additionally possess the academic degree Bachelor of Science (with at least eight approved semesters), or Bachelor or Professional Degree in disciplines of Natural Sciences, such as Agronomy, Biology, Marine Biology, Ecology, Aquaculture, Forest Sciences and Fisheries.

Graduate profile

The graduate of this Doctoral Program will possess the following specific skills:
- Develop independent and creative research, oriented to the systematic and progressive search for knowledge, applying advanced methodologies of experimentation, observation and / or quantitative analysis of biological natural resources.
- Identify, monitor or evaluate the consequences of different actions for the conservation and management of biological natural resources, at different time and space scales and levels of organization.
- Contribute to the interdisciplinary evaluation of strategies, programs, projects and public or private actions for the conservation and management of biological natural resources.

Lines of investigation

The fundamental lines of research of the Program are biology and ecology, conservation of natural resources and management of natural resources. The foregoing without prejudice to the development of complementary lines of research, in areas related to earth sciences such as oceanography, limnology and others; and the social sciences such as economics, anthropology, and others.