Doctorado en ciencias médicas


Medical and Health Sciences


Other Medical Sciences

Universidad de Chile

University of Chile

  • City: Santiago,
  • Commune: Santiago,
  • Region: Metropolitan Region

The objective of this program is to train a Medical Specialist and Doctor of Medical Sciences competent to carry out clinical research of the highest level, integrating knowledge and methodologies from the area of basic sciences with clinical sciences.
The application for the Doctorate in Medical Sciences is open to all Primary and Derivative Clinical Specialties offered at the Graduate School of the Faculty of Medicine.

Applicant Profile

Chilean or foreign people who are in possession of the title of Surgeon, recognized or validated as appropriate, may apply to the program. Have taken and passed the National Single Exam of Medicine Knowledge.

Graduate profile

The graduate of this program will be a basic-clinical researcher with free and independent thinking, efficient, capable of combining all their activities, being a clinician and researcher of excellence. Likewise, they will be able to generate new knowledge, lead research groups, form support networks at the national and international level and generate resources to carry out their activity in a self-sustaining way.
The graduate of the Doctorate in Medical Sciences program will carry out the above in a framework of irreproachable ethical conduct in clinical and research, in accordance with the value content of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile.

Lines of investigation

1.- Cell biology and physiology
2.- Non-communicable chronic diseases
3.- Endocrinology and Reproduction
4.- Infectology
5.- Immunology and cancer
6.- Neurosciences