Doctorado en ciencias físicas


natural Sciences


Physical sciences



  • Commune: Valparaíso,
  • Region: Valparaíso Region
  • Federico Santa María Technical University
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso

The objective of this Program is to train Doctors capable of conducting cutting-edge and first-rate scientific research, in order to bet on the development of physics at a national and international level. Graduates of the Doctorate in Physical Sciences are capable of adapting to the high demands of scientific-technological research work both in academia and in the business sector.

Applicant Profile

The basic requirement to be admitted to the program is to be in possession of a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Physics, or in related disciplines. The Program Committee (CP) may exceptionally authorize, by resolution, the admission of people who are in final graduation procedures or academic situations that merit it, their final acceptance being subject to obtaining the corresponding degree, in accordance with the procedure that For this purpose, approve the CP, with a maximum term of one semester. The applicant must submit a written request within the established deadlines each year. The applicant will be admitted to the program according to the evaluation made by the selection committee on their application.

Graduate profile

Our graduate will be able to conduct research individually and collaboratively, becoming an expert on topics of interest and motivation. You will be able to guide students in their own research topics.

Lines of investigation

1. Particles and fields
2. Condensed matter
3. Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation
4. Complex Systems.